Will Isla accept the mysterious leading man’s offer… before the last rose petal falls?

Vampire Isla Pierce gave up on finding love. Until she meets Sky Herveaux, who’s stirring emotions she hasn’t felt in centuries. Unfortunately, he’s the leading man of the hit reality TV show, Our Bachelor, and Isla isn’t the only woman interested in winning his hand.

Sky Herveaux—the handsome bachelor—isn’t what he seems. After last season’s disastrous televised proposal, he wants revenge. It’s time to expose the network and show the world they’re only in it for heartbreak and fame.

Secrets, bullying, and fighting the temptation to sample the other contestants would be enough for Isla to handle, but when Sky is cursed and forced to shift into a werewolf—his true form—Isla’s determined to help him. Because she’s playing for keeps, and nothing will keep her from winning Sky’s final rose.


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